11 August 2010


I thought I would get out the paints for the Sketchbook Project – I love drawing with ink and giving the page a colour wash.




But the paper is not good enough – Nadine was right.  In future I shall listen to her and trust her totally!

Bring on the coloured pencils!



  1. Pans of colour make such intoxicating pictures, don't they - looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Yes, it's a real pain that the pages are not up to spray painting, and fluid acrylics. I use separate watercolour paper and then glue them in but that does mean the sketchbook is getting ever fatter so I will have to remove some of the tear-off pages in the back. Love the colourful pics!

  3. Yes you are correct - my first two pages did not take spray well and they are all buckled. Thinking for plan b! Dale

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