25 March 2015

Walking time

Went for a walk with DH around Alnwick castle.  Literally AROUND the castle.  
Fans of Blackadder will recognise the shot….

For once my legs didn’t cramp up too much, they are really impeding my walk capabilities.
The calcium supplements are doing some good, but its not the whole story and I know there’s something else out of balance…. but then we knew that years ago, cortisol is screwed, HRT is necessary…. thyroid spluttering but not enough for the NHS to treat….

Alnwick castle 2 cropped

Talking of treat (ing), we headed to Nood Food for lunch - very different and lovely.  
Especially at the end of a good walk. 

Alwnick castle weir

23 March 2015

More Doodling

Taken from a class on the Life Book 2015 course.

Leaves always end up as Paisleys…...

Seeds of Love close 1


21 March 2015

Go where your dreams take you....

Playing with layers, colours, doodling, drawing hares (again).

Layers close 2

Layers close1

20 March 2015

The Eclipse

Was a good day for seeing the eclipse through the camera… just cloudy enough to knock back some of the light.

I love that point when the birds stop singing.

From the middle to the end….


19 March 2015

Scattering the ashes

During half term we took mums ashes and scattered them on the beach at Bamburgh as she had requested.

It was always her favourite place to go and walk and paddle (whatever the weather).
Fond memories of paddling in the depths of winter wrapped in so many layers we couldn’t bend down.

I shall go along every now and them to say hello and have a chat.

Bamburgh still beach

Bamburgh  mum 2

She now has an eternal view of the castle and the Farne Islands. 

Bamburgh evening

17 March 2015



Greetings from me to you.

I shall try to be here on a regular basis from now on. 
Its been too long a break again, too much going on with family and I’ve lost the plot with “me”.
Aiming to be back on track as soon as I can. 

Namaste close 3



Harthope Valley, just up and over a hill from home….. heather burning, smoke and a bit of tweaking to give a lovely photo.


Harthope Valley

It made it into the paper, I set myself a challenge, see how many I get get in throughout the year.

Unfortunately the print quality is pretty dreadful. 

Paper blip

25 February 2015

Snowdrop Time


Snow drops are looking gorgeous in the garden.
We have a really good show this year.

The Daffodils are just coming through too.
Spring must be on its way. 

Time to order from the Sarah Raven catalogue :)

24 February 2015

The Feather

The Magical Feather

Feather close 1

Feather close 2

Feather full

23 February 2015

Sketchbook Work - What Lies below?

 "What lies below" was the prompt from the Documented Life Project 2015.

I immediately thought of Hares - though I realise they don’t actually live in burrows (artistic license!) and I thought of the Cup & Ring marked rocks we find in Northumberland.
So many of which must still be UNDER the ground.

 So here is the spread, I cut through to a second painted page - its not as delicate as I would have liked, but then that’s the point of trying out new ideas, its an experiment, it doesn’t always have to work.  

But it’s a great starting point for refinement and further study.
What I did love was my sleeping hare….. I think you’ll be seeing him again.
Am having a hare thing at the mo…..

Week 5 What lies Below half 001

Week 5 What lies Below little hare copy

Week 5 What lies Below full

22 February 2015

Sketchbook Work - The Labrynth

The Beginning and the End.

 Labrynth: An intricate combination of paths or passages in which it is difficult to find ones way or reach an exit.  
Any confusingly intricate state of things or events.

Week 2 DL Labrynth close1


Week 2 DL Labrynth close2

Week 2 DL Beginning


21 February 2015

Sketchbook Work - Dream

Sketchbook Work - Dream

We should all Dream.
I think it’s important for the artistic soul.


Wk 43 Dream close 1

Wk 43 Dream close 2

20 February 2015

Sketchbook Work - An artist is....

An Artist is an Explorer…..

(Or as I said when I posted this on Facebook - An artist is... underpaid, undervalued and fed up! - but I was having a bad day!!)

Don’t forget you can find me on Facebook  here.
Would love to see you there.

Facebook logo


Wk 41 book circles close 2

Wk 41 book circles close 1


Wk 41 book circles full


19 February 2015



My “Word" for 2015.

I’m sure I’ll use many more - but this is the one to hold onto and remember its meaning.

Week 1 goal keeper close 1 empowered

Dictionary definitions;

1. Give (someone) the authority or power to do something.

2. Make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

Week 1 goal keeper

Inside that pouch should be my 2015 goals….. but I haven’t had time to think about them yet.
That says an awful lot. 

Week 1 goal keeper close



18 February 2015

Sketchbook Work - The Crow and the Stones

The Crow and the Stones.

Collaged from an old calendar of Avebury Stone Circle (you see it is GOOD to keep things for years, they WILL come in handy sometime!) along with a photograph of stone sculptures I made in the Ingram Valley. 

Wk 41 Crow and stones

Wk 41 Crwo and stones close 2