5 December 2014



My workshops are all on sale until the 31st December due to new VAT regulations coming into force on 1st January.
**SALE** Download now for just £6.99 (usually £9.99)



My workshops are all on sale until the 31st December due to new VAT regulations coming into force on 1st January.
**SALE** Download now for just £6.99 (usually £9.99)

Cover shot

4 December 2014


The UK Government is bringing in new VAT rules, from 1st January - ANY digital product will be liable to VAT if sold to another European country. Not just that but I will need to register for VAT (threshold is £0), register to hold data under the Data Protection Act (as I need to collect three pieces of info to tell me where the buyer is located) and submit VAT returns. Refusing to sell to other European countries infringes the law. The idea was to catch Amazon etc.... BUT the government had NO idea of the number of small businesses - like mine, that would be affected. 

My workshops are all on sale until the 31st December. Hopefully ETSY will be able to put measures in place, though at the moment it seems not. As for the design books I'm working on...... well, unless I can afford to publish them (not) its been a whole waste of energy and time 

**SALE** Download now for just £8.99 (usually £12.99)

Mini tower PDFCover

3 December 2014

Sketchbook Work; Bee Beautiful

 Here is the latest offering from the sketchbook.
There is not a lot of sewing happening in the studio as I’m spending a lot of my time 290 miles away - my mother is seriously ill and has been in hospital since November 5th.

When I am home I’ve been juggling paperwork, a new bathroom being fitted and this week the decorator …. not to mention my gorgeous son who needs mums attention and a husband I occasionally see in passing…. 

Week 37 close 1

Week 37 close 2

Week 37 close 3

Week 37 close 4

23 November 2014

Sketchbook Work; Hares Weaving tales of the Moon

Inks and watercolour.

Crop for blip

Wj 36 weaving hares close 1

Wk 36 weaving hares close 4

Wk 36 weaving hares close 5

Wk 36 weaving hares close 9

Wk 36 weaving hares close 10

20 November 2014

National Portrait Gallery

Last week I took the train to London and had a good dose of art and culture.


I started in the National Portrait Gallery with the William Morrs Exhibiton “Anarchy & Beauty"

It was really interesting to read about Morris's life and acquaintances.  He was very much a political animal as well as an artist and craftsman.




 The Exhibition info reads "Anarchy & Beauty explores the life and ideas of the great Victorian artist, writer and visionary thinker William Morris. Through portraits, personal items and fascinating objects, many of which will be on public display for the first time, this major exhibition illustrates Morris’s concept of ‘art for the people’ and highlights the achievements of those that he inspired."

No photographs were allowed of course (as there never are when there is a book to buy - yes of course, its on the shelf).

For me the highlight was this embroidery by May Morris, worked in wools on linen.
“June frieze with view of Kelmscott Manor” 

Branches were transformed into trees and a medieval influence was clear.



Following William Morris I headed towards the Tudor portraits.

its the details that I love looking at - portraits can be a wonderful resource as I’m so interested in historical costumes and ornamentation.

Elizabeth I by Unknown artist early C17th.

Eliz I unknown earlyC17th


Katherine Parr, attributed to Master John, active 1554-54

Katherine Parr Attr to mst John  act 1544 5

Mary I, Unknown artist, 1590-1610 

Mary I unknown 1590 1610

18 November 2014

Sketchbook Work; Birds on a Branch

Another spread from the sketchbook for you to enjoy today.

Layers of jewel like deep and intense paints with a softer creamy surface.

Posts maybe a little erratic for a while as I’m having to travel to see my mother who is ill.  
As she lives 287 miles away I can’t just pop down for a quick chat.

Despite this (or maybe as a way of reducing stress) my mind is still designing away...

Week 35 close 1


Week 35 Close 2

Week 35 close 3

Week 35 close 4

Week 35

After I had completed this work, I realised how much it reminded me of work I painted a few years ago.

I really should do more of these when I get time.


4 November 2014

3 November 2014

2 November 2014

Mixed Media - Lotus

Week 30 close 1

Week 30 close 2

1 November 2014

31 October 2014

Mixed Media - Birdsong

Birdcage close 3

Birdcage close 2

Birdcage close 1 copy

29 October 2014

Oophs I lost the emails....

To that lovely person from Quiltart who sent me an email about my blog and how it fulfilled all three criteria for reading - thank you very much.
Somehow I was replying and then the reply and the original email evaporated into the internet ether.

Sorry about that.  I was writing to say a huge thank you for the lovely comments and would you like to become my marketing manager ;)!



Mixed Media - Rose


Week 26 close 3

28 October 2014

Mixed Media - Hares

Week 24 close1

Week 24 close2

Week 24 close3

27 October 2014

Mixed Media Sketchbook work

I’ve managed to hurt my back, not through strenuous lifting, but by pulling up a zip on a boot.

The simple things in life sometimes throw a spanner in to the works!
So I have been resting, resting and resting as the back went from Stage 1 to Stage 2 and I am determined it won’t get to Stage 3 (i.e. can’t move). 

In the meantime I’ll bring you up to date with some mixed media sketchbook work I completed over the summer.

If you follow Facebook you might have seen these images, but not everyone is on Facebook so I’ll post them here too.  

Wk 23 full