15 July 2014

Painting the bodice.

Cut out or not cut out?  That was the question.
I decided it would be easier to see what was what if I cut the pieces of the bodice out before painting them.

To keep the rather slippery fabric still I taped them to card, found the stencil I wanted and the Markals oil sticks.

Edwardian Dress 4

Edwardian Dress 5Q

Edwardian Dress 6 copy


Markals are oil paint in stick form and perfect for fabric decoration.  It takes a little practise, a steady hand and nerves of steel.
It couldn’t go wrong, there is no spare fabric (don’t ask, not my fault, more mis-sold with marks that I wasn’t expecting and had to cut around).

 I used two colours - silver and charcoal, blending the two colours as I went along.

Edwardian Dress 7

Edwardian Dress 8

Edwardian Dress 9

Edwardian Dress 10

Edwardian Dress 11

Leave for 48 hours, iron well (cover with parchment paper and use a hot iron) and then they are fixed permanently.


13 July 2014

The Edwardian Dress

For the Wallington exhibition I wanted to create, for my own satisfaction, a centrepiece of my work.
I wanted something that I would love making, that would stand out and that I could utilise in future teaching and lecturing.

The theme and inspiration was along the lines of “WW1, the end of the Belle Epoque era, death and destruction, poppies and pacifism (of the house owner)"

So the only way to go was to start with red.
And crows.

And a corset top.

And a bustle.

Get the idea?

Edwardian Dress 2Q

 I’ll post more photos over the next week.

7 July 2014

From SE Pakistan....

….To my sitting room.

Remember I said I bought a lovely piece from John GIllow at the World Textile Day in June?
Here are the photos to enjoy, I make no excuse for there being rather a lot of them!

Indian hanging

Indian hanging close 1


Indian hanging close 2

Indian hanging close 3

Indian hanging close 4Indian hanging close 5

Indian hanging close 6

Indian hanging close 7

Indian hanging close 8

Indian hanging close 9

Indian hanging close 10

4 July 2014

Bees at work

Off out for lunch at Floors Castle Garden Centre.
Fabulous food and flowers.  Perfect combination.

Bees on Eryngium Jos Eiking.


Helen Cowans

25 June 2014

Barter Books

Impossible to visit this second hand book shop without bringing part of it home. 

Nothing better for a Sunday and yes thats my boy. :)

23 June 2014


 Seems we are being over run with Foxgloves this year.  

I LOVE them, so more the merrier.



Foxgloves and poppies

Foxgloves on roadside

White foxgloves

Foxgloves 2

You can see more gardening pictures here.

21 June 2014

Sketchbook work in Mixed Media/2

Two works using silhouette ideas.

Week 17 close


"Let your artistic soul fly"

Week 21 close 3

Week 21 close 2

20 June 2014


Nothing makes my heart sing more than the right colours bouncing and zingy off each other.

I took this photo yesterday and realised all of my favourite colours were in there. 

Along with a favourite flower.


Aquilegia copy

18 June 2014

JQ March 2014

Continuing with the theme of a "sense of place", "trackways",and a "personal journey" within the Land of the Far Horizons.
Interpreting the Northumberland landscape, with special reference to the archaeology and history.

Hand dyed fabrics, oil paint rubbings of ancient deer, thoughts of rituals involving antlers, the hunt and the chase.
Hand stitched with silk threads.

Think I have the urge to get the dye pots out again…..

JQ 2014 March

JQ 2014 Mar2

JQ 2014 Mar1


16 June 2014

Sketchbook work on Holyhocks

I wonder if I should just paint….. however I love textiles too much.

But I do sometimes get worn down by not being recognised as a “serious" artist (and not making much money!)

Some Hollyhocks for you to enjoy, mine are about 5 inches tall in the garden, but I am a proud “grown them from seeds” gardener.

Week 20 Hollyhocks close1


Week 20 Hollyhocks close2 001

15 June 2014

14 June 2014

Mini Samples and Journal Quilt


Continuing with the theme of a "sense of place", "trackways",and a "personal journey" within the Land of the Far Horizons.

Interpreting the Northumberland landscape, with special reference to the archaeology and history.

JQ for April 2014

Generic view of the rolling hills with reference to the cup and ring carved rocks found in this landscape.
Hand painted canvas, FME.

JQ 2014 April

JQ 2014 Apr1


JQ 2014 Apr2

13 June 2014

Sketchbook Mixed Media


Friday the 13th….. well so far its been OK. (Is it safe to say that at midday??)

I’ve just booked a lecture to Newcastle Embroiderers Guild.  I’ll be presenting “Land of the Far Horizons” on April 18th 2015.

I’m working on pieces for Festival of Quilts and hope to reveal those to you soon.

Meanwhile here are some recent examples of the artwork I’ve been producing in my sketchbook.  I’ll post a few over the next week.



Week 15 yellow girl 1


Week 15 Yellow Girl 2

11 June 2014

The Art Quilt

A teaser for you.  

Working on the Art Quilt for Festival of Quilts.  
Very much “In Progress" 

Art Quilt 6