26 June 2010

Chateau Villandry

Chateau and garden are stunning.  I can’t wait to get back to France.

Meanwhile I am busy studying like mad to catch up before my course deadline.  See you all in a weeks time when I’ve read everything, made notes, uploaded notes, discussed in the discussion forums and written an essay!

Villandry 07-06-2010 14-20-14 4288x2848

The boys hated the colour scheme in this room, I loved it.

Villandry 07-06-2010 15-19-09 4288x2848  Villandry 07-06-2010 14-26-01 4288x2848

I know I have my beautiful new studio but well, I could happily have this at the bottom of the garden.

Villandry 07-06-2010 14-35-02 2848x4288 Villandry 07-06-2010 14-43-50 2848x4288

Villandry 07-06-2010 14-53-27 2848x4288

Villandry 07-06-2010 14-55-15 2848x4288

I love knot gardens and roses.  So this was a perfect combination.Villandry 07-06-2010 14-56-00 4288x2848 Villandry 07-06-2010 14-56-39 2848x4288

Villandry 07-06-2010 14-59-56 2848x4288 Villandry 07-06-2010 15-00-49 4288x2848 Villandry 07-06-2010 15-00-53 2848x4288 Villandry 07-06-2010 15-00-59 4288x2848 Villandry 07-06-2010 15-04-06 4288x2848 Villandry 07-06-2010 15-04-50 4288x2848

22 June 2010

More from France

This will be the last but one post of French pictures and yes I must show you what I came home with – and my scrapbook too.

Castelnaud houses the Mediaeval War Museum – perfect for little boys.  We drove up a very steep and very narrow road, parked, walked down a steep hill and then back up.  In 32 degree heat.  It was a bit much…. (Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun……)

Castelnaud 04-06-2010 14-16-30 2848x4288

Castelnaud 04-06-2010 14-16-23 4288x2848

Well worth it for the views.

Castelnaud 04-06-2010 13-48-17 2848x4288 Castelnaud 04-06-2010 13-31-28 4288x2848

Then another day we headed into the Museum Of Prehistory.  Wow.  A subject close to my heart and complementing my university course on Ritual and Religion in Prehistory.

Museum of Prehistory 06-06-2010 14-58-25 4288x2848 Museum of Prehistory 06-06-2010 15-09-38 4288x2848

One night we had dinner in the campsite restaurant – I had flash cards (kindly supplied by Margaret – thanks!) to say no wheat, diary and meat.  The waitress understood, shame the cook didn’t.  I was very ill that night.

Dinner 06-06-2010 20-35-34 1536x2048

The boys enjoyed piggy-out puddings.

Dinner 06-06-2010 20-50-47 800x600

I ordered, and surprising myself, enjoyed, a black coffee.

Dinner 06-06-2010 21-14-00 800x600

One of the final days was a visit to the Bayeux Tapestry – which of course is not a tapestry but an EMBROIDERY!

Wonderful to see it “live” after seeing so many pictures and recreating a (very) small section for C&G work.

Bayeux 09-06-2010 10-32-09 4288x2848

Any C&G Part II (Diploma) Embroidery Student will recognise the symbol on the town trail.

Bayeux 09-06-2010 10-36-26 2848x4288

A visit to Normandy would not be complete without a visit to the D Day Landing beaches.  In contrast to the Somme area it was quite hard to imagine this touristy, seaside area as a centre of a major battle area.  Though once on the beach you could feel and hear the history.

Normandy beaches 08-06-2010 16-15-41 4288x2848


Though we didn't expect the area to be such a beach resort it seemed to have been this way before the war and as DH said, they fought so that it could be a tourist beach again with freedom and liberty.

We should all be thankful.

21 June 2010

20 June 2010

Roque-Gageac and Poppies

Another wonderful place in France – Roque-Gageac on the side of the Dordogne River.

RG 04-06-2010 11-16-06 4288x2848

RG 04-06-2010 11-29-44 4288x2848 RG 04-06-2010 11-30-18 2848x4288

RG 04-06-2010 11-31-50 2848x4288 

RG 04-06-2010 11-22-19 2848x4288

Everywhere we went there were fields of poppies.  These are my favourite flowers – I was so happy to see them everywhere and to see so many!

France poppies 07-06-2010 13-40-40 4288x2848 France poppies 07-06-2010 13-40-36 4288x2848

19 June 2010

To be back in Sarlat

Today at 10.45am its 9 degrees C, very windy, freezing cold, grey skies and rain splatters.  Oh to be back in warm, sunny Sarlat sitting in that cafe with a cool drink……

Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-51-17

Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-33-49 2848x4288

  Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-23-08 4288x2848

Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-14-10 2848x4288  Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-16-42 2848x4288

Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-20-03 2848x4288  

The only shop I found in the whole holiday with any reference to the gentle art of needlework. 
I will show you what I came out with tomorrow.

Sarlat 03-06-2010 13-30-11 4288x2848

How lovely it would be to return in the evening with a group of friends and sit outside the numerous cafes and bars.  Or to return sans boys and explore the numerous galleries.

Sarlat 03-06-2010 14-19-00 2848x4288

Dreaming over – back to reality and MORE painting in the studio.  Not sure which part of me aches the most – hands, wrists, arms, neck or back.  Maybe I can get the first boxes moved today too.

18 June 2010

A medieval Chateau

Langeais, pure (restored) medieval.  Wonderful tiles, very different to the other Renaissance chateau that we visited.  Also some medieval embroidery and tapestries in wonderful condition – low light of course.

I started to have a thing about doors.  So much that the family started to tease me every time we saw an interesting door…..

 Langeais 02-06-2010 11-59-05 2848x4288 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-10-49 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-13-09 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-14-26 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-27-46 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-28-26 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-33-34 4288x2848 Langeais 02-06-2010 12-52-56 4288x2848

Langeais 02-06-2010 12-58-10 2848x4288