14 June 2010

Chateau du Clos Luce

Leonardo’s last house – lots of reconstructions of his inventions but what I liked most were the outside hangings and posters.  Web site here.  Next time I have an Open Studio I’d like to do something like this.

 leonardo 01-06-2010 13-23-17 4288x2848 - Copy  leonardo 01-06-2010 13-23-49 4288x2848 leonardo 01-06-2010 13-11-11 2848x4288 - Copy


  1. OOH yes!!
    I could see them hung round the trampoline and the garden, a visual feast AND easy to store ;-))

  2. Yes, the stone walls make a wonderful background to the banners, don't they!

  3. What a fab idea Helen, you could hang them from the signal box.