22 April 2017

Problems with blogging

…. so, now at least I know why I can’t post pictures to Blogger using my usual App


"Picasa has been folded into Google Photos, and in the course of the transition, Google has forbidden apps such as MarsEdit from creating albums on the service."

Thanks Google, we love you so much!

I could of course post directly in Blogger, though this is clunky.  It will still post to Wordpress…. so maybe this is the time I take the plunge and leave Blogger behind and head to the dark side that is Wordpress?  

Off to research to see if I can import blogger posts to Wordpress….

Back soon in some format...

1 April 2017

Bamburgh Castle

I keep a sketchbook of flowers and leaves and other design elements for reference, very handy when designing these pieces of work.
I have an urge to paint….. and to sew in neutrals… but, commercial head on, these colourful pieces will make better cards. 

First sketches and ideas.

2017 03 17 11 59 13

Adding in colour and thinking of fabrics, all very loose at this stage.

2017 03 16 13 36 04

Starting to applique silks and use free motion embroidery to shade the castle on the sand dunes, surrounded by the sea and sky.

2017 03 16 17 11 26