30 March 2015


 Lindisfarne - always beautiful, whatever time of the year you visit.
Even on a dull day in March.

An iconic view of the castle, with a handy boat placed perfectly for the shot.

Lindisfarne boat to castle 1A

Boat on lindisfarne

Looking across to Bamburgh Castle and waving to mum.
Sad times. 

Bamburgh from lindisfarne



29 March 2015

First Gardening update of 2015

First gardening update of the year can be found here.

You can see and read about 2014 on my gardening website  here.


Screen Shot 2015 03 28 at 16 40 48

The Gilded Page

More fun with the 48 Weeks course by Donna Downey.
This is week 45 and as usual I put my own spin on things.

Can’t beleive I have almost finished, but also have given up trying to keep to a decline - ha,ha, got to laugh at the spellchecker on a Mac - I meant deadline, but decline is fitting too!

With all the family upheavals I feel as if I am walking through treacle just now.
Its hard to get anything started, never mind finished.
Time is evaporating and everything seems to be taking much longer than usual to achieve.

This is one of my favourite sketchbook spreads.

Gilded page close 4

Gilded page close 3

Gilded page close 2

Gilded page close 1

Gilded page full


28 March 2015

Shift & Kirtle

Could be the name of a pub don’t you think?
“The Shift & Kirtle"

This is first view of some new work and not a corset in sight.
We’re rocking fifteenth century peasant fashion, not Downton Abbey this time.

Have made a mock up using an old duvet cover…. then did a little cutting and pinning to get the shape I wanted.

Firstly on the front…... 

Kirtle alterations 1


Kirtle alterations 2


Kirtle alterations 3

Then on the back...

Kirtle alterations 4

Kirtle alterations 5

Kirtle alterations 6

27 March 2015


Have found myself getting into drawing and painting figures….. 
Not something that ever appealed before, but suddenly it is.
Abstract of course.
Strange how that happens sometimes. 
Like a switch in your brain just flicks….. 

Week 44 figure close 1

Week 44 figure close 2

25 March 2015

Walking time

Went for a walk with DH around Alnwick castle.  Literally AROUND the castle.  
Fans of Blackadder will recognise the shot….

For once my legs didn’t cramp up too much, they are really impeding my walk capabilities.
The calcium supplements are doing some good, but its not the whole story and I know there’s something else out of balance…. but then we knew that years ago, cortisol is screwed, HRT is necessary…. thyroid spluttering but not enough for the NHS to treat….

Alnwick castle 2 cropped

Talking of treat (ing), we headed to Nood Food for lunch - very different and lovely.  
Especially at the end of a good walk. 

Alwnick castle weir

23 March 2015

More Doodling

Taken from a class on the Life Book 2015 course.

Leaves always end up as Paisleys…...

Seeds of Love close 1


21 March 2015

Go where your dreams take you....

Playing with layers, colours, doodling, drawing hares (again).

Layers close 2

Layers close1

20 March 2015

The Eclipse

Was a good day for seeing the eclipse through the camera… just cloudy enough to knock back some of the light.

I love that point when the birds stop singing.

From the middle to the end….


19 March 2015

Scattering the ashes

During half term we took mums ashes and scattered them on the beach at Bamburgh as she had requested.

It was always her favourite place to go and walk and paddle (whatever the weather).
Fond memories of paddling in the depths of winter wrapped in so many layers we couldn’t bend down.

I shall go along every now and them to say hello and have a chat.

Bamburgh still beach

Bamburgh  mum 2

She now has an eternal view of the castle and the Farne Islands. 

Bamburgh evening

17 March 2015



Greetings from me to you.

I shall try to be here on a regular basis from now on. 
Its been too long a break again, too much going on with family and I’ve lost the plot with “me”.
Aiming to be back on track as soon as I can. 

Namaste close 3



Harthope Valley, just up and over a hill from home….. heather burning, smoke and a bit of tweaking to give a lovely photo.


Harthope Valley

It made it into the paper, I set myself a challenge, see how many I get get in throughout the year.

Unfortunately the print quality is pretty dreadful. 

Paper blip