29 January 2017

Peek a boo

Peek at a new picture, almost finished.

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28 January 2017

Colours and Textures

Found whilst “wasting” ten minutes before an appointment.

Don’t look at your phone…. look around you.

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27 January 2017

26 January 2017


Are you tired of seeing hares here? 
No me neither…...

Drawing a new moon gazer

2017 01 06 16 13 34

Bringing some to life

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24 January 2017

A walk around Berwick Town Walls

Berwick has one of the best preserved and intact defensive medieval walls in Europe.

You get a mix of views from the sea, to the town architecture, the internal defence system and the old bridge.

Berwick Walls Walk View to Lighthouse

Berwick Walls Walk View to Spital

Berwick Walls Walk Internal

Berwick Walls Walk Bridge

23 January 2017

Beauty by accident

2017 01 03 11 44 58

I love having a paint splashed pinny.

Am back to it this week…..

22 January 2017


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A walk very close to home revealed something I’d never noticed before.

There’s a life lesson there.

Lindisfarne Causeway

A view to Lindisfarne at high tide, from the mainland looking to the island.


Lindisfarne Causeway 1 HDR

Lindisfarne Causewway  HDR

Lindisfarne Causeway 2HDR

Lindisfarne From Barn at Beal

View from a lovely cafe / restaurant The Barn At Beal.  
This is the view from the table.


19 January 2017

More Hares!

Hare on board 5x7

Hare on board 10 x8


Expect to see more of these soon…. they will be available in the Etsy shop in a few weeks- painted on board ready to hang.

Cards soon…..

17 January 2017



Hare on Canvas with flowers copyright

Last weeks work, I love him.  

Do you?


More hares to follow.