31 March 2017

Autumn Moongazer in Progress

Again a combination of felt, liberty print fabric, printed fabric (through my printer), silks and cottons.

2017 03 11 17 03 08

2017 03 15 13 23 30 1

2017 03 11 21 23 35

Blackberries in the making.

25 March 2017

It's been quiet....

As I’ve been really busy the last few weeks with my self set deadline to product six to ten pieces of work as soon as possible.
All using wool in some way and all suitable for photographing and card making.

Here is the first one in progress.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen some of these already. 

2017 03 01 14 14 08

Small, medium or large?

2017 03 03 17 11 03 3

Setting down the main FME elements

2017 03 04 15 35 33

Thinking about hand threads.

2017 03 04 17 59 27

Happens to us all.

2017 03 05 15 31 08

More FME

2017 03 05 16 09 33

Refining thread choices.

2017 03 08 14 10 09

Working on the hand sewing.
Finished picture coming soon.

Today is a beautiful day and I’m off into the garden for the first time this year.
Looking forward to it, but not sure where to start! 

9 March 2017


2017 02 25 15 35 01


Just what it’s all about really isn’t it?


That desire to express what's inside you, to give it form, texture, shape, space and colour. 

Sometimes it’s easy and looks exactly as you imagined it to be, sometimes it's very hard work and you don’t succeed.

”The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”   
Oxford Dictionary.

Printing blocks - from a antique sale somewhere, forgotten in the depths of time….. and a piece of Indian jewellery, from a set which I love, but have never worn.  
All on the studio shelf behind my main desk.



3 March 2017

Evolution of a flower.....

Thought I would show you how this flower evolved - over hours of work and several days of pondering.

Trying to get the correct colour, adding more petals, softening the background.

Pink flower composite


Pink Flower

For sale in the Etsy Shop

2 March 2017

Cup & Ring Carved Rocks

Morning walk, up a hill past Chatton, looking back towards the Cheviot Hills.

Kettley Crags C

Fantastic view.

Kettley Crags3 c

 Spotting rock art  on lonely outcrops

Kettley Crags Rock Art 2 c


Final destination Ketley Crags.

Kettley Crags Rock Art c

WOW.  One of the best examples I’ve seen and in a stunning setting.

More info on the England Rock Art Site