27 August 2015

Holiday break in Keswick


We are back from a wonderful and relaxing break in Keswick.

In a beautiful cottage in the conservation area just a few minutes stroll from the town centre.


We enjoyed freshly squeezed orange juice


Took an age to decide at the olive counter


Laughed at the wine


Ate out every night - walking from our door to theirs.
Walked a few yards to the cinema (Mission Impossible).

Simply enjoyed the novelty of walking to a shop or watering hole. 


Whilst the boys went Mountain Biking I walked to see a Gruffalo.


Fond memories of bed time reading. 


Saw Magenta painted trees - which looked stunning in the sunlight

Tree marks

Took several walks along the shores of Derwentwater.

The boys skimming stone whilst I got the sketchbook out.
Finding natures beautiful offerings



My favourite being the evening after dinner at the Dog & Gun (Woof & Bang).

Derwentwater long

Derwent water sunset 2

Taking silly photographs

Helen Ian

On our last afternoon a red boat was sailing past

Red boat Derwentwater

Admired the beautiful flora on the lake shore.  

Flora Derwentwater

Had many meals and drinks out and visited the new distillery. 


And came home via Castelrigg Stone Circle.
Which has become a family tradition. 





19 August 2015



Playing with colour, layers. pictures and symbols.
Its not perfect, it needs refining, its only a sample and an experiment. 

But I absolutely adore it (and can see it in fabrics).

13 woman and crow experiment

15 August 2015

One photograph, several different post processing actions.
Which is your favourite?

04 Summer cocktail


06 Summer cocktail HDR


08 Summer cocktail 1a


07 Summer cocktail insta high pass


10 Summer cocktail 3a

13 August 2015

Printing blocks

 I didn’t get my trip to Festival of Quilts this year.
So retail therapy was concluded online - with this wonderful collection of printing / rubbing blocks.

Can’t wait to use them. 

01 Printing blocks 1

02 Printing blocks 2



10 August 2015

Studio Art Quilt Associates - SAQA

I’m just been accepted as a professional Juried Artist Member of SAQA!  
Happy dancing and looking forward to future opportunities.


You can see my profile here

Screen Shot 2015 08 09 at 14 23 52


You can find out more about SAQA here.

Screen Shot 2015 08 09 at 14 24 57

9 August 2015

Heleniums for Helen

School holidays….

Lazy days of sunshine and buzzing bees.

Gardening and slow stitching.



1 Heleniums