30 September 2010

The missing link

I forogot to mention that I'm having trouble with those image links - when I transferred it across from the embedded wordpress blog it was fine - until the old web site was taken down and then all the pics were lost :(

Hopefully they will be restored very very soon.

Its not you - its me!

29 September 2010

The blog has moved back to its old home. 

I hope everyone has found me here.....  
The reason for the move is a new web site - still the same adress

Let me know what you think, I designed the site myself this time, brand new look with new colours.

A good friend of mine recently got married - unfortuntely I wasn't able to get to the wedding myself. 
Along with a group of good friends we made a charm ring, more on this later.

6 September 2010


I have a thing for Rowan fabrics… these came back from the FoQ and will be a(nother) bedspread / throw.

I love playing with the colours.  I think I’m also getting ready for hibernation!


3 September 2010

Goddess Talk

Tomorrow I’m heading down to Darlington to give a (new) talk on Goddesses. 
First talk I’ve given for about 12 months – now here did I put the hanging display stand????

   Caribbean Goddess

Gaia Mourns 1

Decent of Goddess close1

2 September 2010

Glendale Show, Wooler. Part 4

The sexy bikes

Gshow bike 1

  Gshow 2010 38

Gshow 2010 39 

Gshow 2010 24

GShow bike 2

GShow bike3 

Gshow bike ian

DH’s favourite.  I wish I could buy him one for Christmas.

1 September 2010

Glendale Show, Wooler. Part 3

The Horticultural Tent

Gshow 2010 25      Gshow 2010 29

Gshow 2010 30 Gshow 2010 31 Gshow 2010 32 Gshow 2010 34 Gshow 2010 35 Gshow 2010 36

GShow 2010 28

There has to be jam!

Gshow 2010 27Gshow 2010 26

The embroidery entries.  Maybe I should enter next year?  I used to, I got a First in the art competition a few years ago.

GShow 2010 23

Palm tree pizza – can you see the sun, the beach, palm trees and sandcastle?