27 February 2017

In print

Newsletter for the Quilters Guild region 15E


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26 February 2017

Sari Curtains

When guests are arriving there is an incentive to get on with curtain making….

2017 02 15 12 09 35

Beautiful fabrics, though very delicate (no unpicking here) and very slippery!

2017 02 15 17 35 50

An excuse to use the elephant ribbon thats been on the shelf for a year and the beaded trim I’ve been hoarding since…… erm….. have forgotten.

2017 02 16 16 48 26

Finally complete and hanging.  Very pleased with the result,

25 February 2017

When friends arrive......

It’s a great excuse to eat cake…..

2017 02 19 13 22 15

Trawl antique shops….. (serving said cake)….

2017 02 19 13 06 04 

Longngly admire Gothic carving and wonder where on earth you could put it in the house.

Sadly conclude the house is not big enough.

2017 02 20 12 45 59

Go for walks on Bamburgh Beach to blow away the cobwebs.

2017 02 21 14 50 43

Where the River Tweed meet the Sea.

And a walk around Berwick’s town walls to walk off the cheese….. and wine…. and takeaway….. and night out…...



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Sold via the Etsy shop


23 February 2017

18 February 2017

The Etsy Shop is now LIVE!

There are now almost 50 hare paintings for sale in the Etsy shop.

Each is hand painted on board, they are ready to hang or frame.


"Hares have long held a fascination for me, from their form to their mythology.  
Written into each panel, within the many layers of paint are positive words and stories of hares.

The symbols on my hares are inspired by the ancient Rock Art carvings found on the hills close to where I live and work."

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17 February 2017

Winter Newsletter


The Winter Newsletter is now live - you can subscribe on the  website or follow this link here….. to read it online.

Screen Shot 2017 02 17 at 10 31 41


It was a steep learning curve using MailChimp for the first time,

next time it will take me about 15 minutes rather than a whole day!  

I am really pleased with the result.



10 February 2017

Hares everywhere!


Close up c

I'm slowly building up my stock of hare paintings.  
These are all painted on board with acrylic paint (I use Golden, not the cheapest, however I think they give the best pure colours).

 I use several layers, building up implied textures, using a brush, more often a palette knife, using a fine liner bottle to write about hare mythology.  Then I cover most of this up, sounds strange, but it all adds to the final quality of the painting.  There are often several more layers of paint to apply, finishing with paint markers to add the dots and lines, maybe another layer on top of all that.

I’ve even been dreaming about them!  

Here are  a few new ones for you…… very soon, with a week or two the Etsy shop will have these for sale.  
They are all ready to hang with a hook or can be mounted and / or framed. Sizes from 5x7”, 8x6” and 10x8” boards with 5x5” and12x12” deep canvas panels.

Img132 c



Img145 c

Img139 c

6 February 2017

Tree in a Culvert

2017 01 20 14 16 31 004

Spotted close to the house, just never walked that way before……
Note to self, walk in different directions! 

5 February 2017

Coffee, Art....

2017 01 24 01 02 07

Pretty much sums up my working days…. 

2017 01 25 12 18 20

Hares galore.

Etsy shop launching SOON!
Giveaway soon too…. I promise. 

4 February 2017

Cold Coldstream

2017 01 27 13 59 01 2

Spotted on the way to Sainsbury’s in Kelso.
Better GF selection there, Scotland has it’s advantages over England, long may we be able to access them! 

3 February 2017

Just a quick photo

2017 01 30 13 13 57

In their temporary mounts, finished and ready to scan. 

Mix of felt, Liberty prints, hand and machine embroidery.

2 February 2017

Watching over the Foxgloves

2017 01 30 11 00 00

Spotted in the garden, self seeded, roll on April when I can plant them out.

1 February 2017

Edinburgh Day Trip


Took myself off on a train journey.

Go see it if you can, Joan Eardley perfectly captures the wind and rain on the seashore cottages, the sunlight and the kids of 50’s backstreet Glasgow.

You’l love it or hate it.

I loved it.

And the cake (orange polenta).

2017 01 31 11 24 28

2017 01 31 12 23 51

As I said on Twitter:

Oh but there are!
When paint hits a surface the magic happens!!!!
Excellent exhibition.