28 October 2010

New Boots

This post is dedicated to my friend Nadine in Canada, who also has a passion for footwear :)
My new boots – and boy are they comfortable.
(Plus I am 3 inches taller, which, when one is only 5ft, is quite significant).


27 October 2010

History of Embroidery 1900-1999

New post on the History of Embroidery blog.

We are now looking at 1900-1999.  Almost finished.


25 October 2010

Culture in Edinburgh

Its hard to avoid culture in Edinburgh.  I love the city.  One day I will get to stay a few nights and walk and walk and walk to explore it much more.  DH and I used to do this when we lived in London.  Its the only way to discover the hidden gems of cities. 

I’ve already found my hotel – the Witchery by the Castle.  I live and dream…… (and keep hinting a lot!)

image image image image

I never tired of this view either.  Guess I have a thing about castles……



Edinb2 Edinb3 

Two Sunday’s ago (yes I am behind and catching up!) we went firstly to;


 Im Gardens

Just love that daisy, would look great on my studio!

My favourites pictures -

Charles Courtney Curran (1861-1942)   Lotus Lilies 1888.

Charles Courtney Curran - Lotus Lilies


Klimt - Italian Garden Landscape (finally got to see a real Klimt!)


Monet – The Water Lily Pond


Then a few miles away for something completely different;


Another world




Marion Adnams

John P

John Pemberton


Another day we had a “cupcake” moment – only a photo as I can’t eat the darned things of course…. managed to embarrass DS taking the photo.  Isn’t being embarrassing in the job description for mothers?  Yes I thought so too :)



23 October 2010

The Red Skirt

I made it to the Vintage Market in Berwick today.  Didn’t get to the Mind, Body and Spirit show as I blew the budget at the first stop.  Along with some wonderful lace I came home with a very special skirt.

I took some quick pictures for you and will take more tomorrow.  Its been cut down from another piece – a dress?  Not sure, but its the real thing in terms of metalwork embroidery and it is really heavy.

red skirt4

red skirt1 red skirt2

red skirt3


 red skirt5

 red skirt6 red skirt7

 red skirt8

red skirt9

21 October 2010

Land of the far horizons (with snow!)…..

On days when I wonder why I live somewhere so isolated from museums, galleries, M&S food and my old friends, I see views like this and I know exactly why I’m in Northumberland.  I don’t think it is ever more beautiful than in autumn.

You can see why its called the “Land of the Far Horizons”

Throptonwhiit2 Throptonwhiit3 vig 


and today SNOW!!!!!!!!  Pictures taken at lunch time from the opposite side of the valley (just south of Wooler – I’m in the hidden valley just behind from the old Dovecote).  Those pylons are the bane of my photographic life!

Cheviots wooler  Cheviots wooler 2vig

History blog and gallery opening times

There is a new post on the History of Embroidery blog we’re at 1800-1899 this week.
Here are the details for the Gallery exhibition.  I shall head over on Wednesday as Saturday I’m in two places already! 
A Vintage Market in Berwick and then to Newcastle for the Mind, Body & Spirit show… a good 130 mile round trip.
 gym front
gallery back

20 October 2010

Welcome back!

Phew!  have just sent out a hundred+ emails to inform readers that my blog has moved and that I have a new web site.

If you’ve just found me… 

Welcome back!


19 October 2010

Quote of the day

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”. George Bernard Shaw

I’ll keep fiddling with those textiles and paints then…….

Renaissance Collage R1003


R1003 close2 

R1003 close1

 R1003 framed

24 x 30cm framed

R framed

18 October 2010

New post on the History of Embroidery blog

I have found a really good way to transfer my word document into the blogspot blog at last.  No more resaving photos and manually adding them.  Thank goodness.
There is a new entry on the blog for 1700-1799. 

Renaissance collage

I’ve had a sick child on and off for a few weeks now.  Poor thing has been through a horrible operation (nothing serious thank goodness but very sore).

To keep myself occupied I’ve been doing two things:

1. Indian Art; A History – 10 week online course from Oxford university

(Main developments in the history of South Asian art in this period, including Buddhist and Hindu architecture and sculpture, paintings and architecture from the Rajput and Mughal courts, and the impact of European colonialism. You will also examine the religious, ritual, social and political contexts in which these buildings and objects were made and used.)

I’m on week 6 and loving it.

2. Stitching some collages.

Here is the first of four or maybe five, maybe more in the series….



R1001 close2

R1001 close3

R1001 close4

 R1001 close5

 R1001 close 1

 R1001 mounted

They will all be mounted and framed in off white frames ready for sale, this is the best pic I could get when it was framed. 

30x40cm framed

R1001 framed

I’d be really interested to know - What do you think?

Yesterday I forgot to add a note about the collage I’ve submitted for the art exhibition.  I thought long and hard about submitting work I had created in a class.  However the work I produced was nothing like the tutors samples and very much my own (yes I am the student that goes off at a tangent and did my own thing with colours and stitching), so I do feel it is my own work – guided by Judy H, as I acknowledged.