22 August 2010

NE71 July 2010

have been well behind uploading a photo a day.  I apologise.  I find I have not kept up with every day either.  Have decided not to stress, but promise to try harder.

Here is the collage summary for July – to see each post got to the blog here. 
I’ve been playing with the template.  I like this clean look.

It’s been quite a month – the studio finished, creating the French book, unusual activity in Rothbury and a pair of beautiful new slippers.

 NE71 July 20102 NE71 July 20103 NE71 July 20104 NE71 July 20105

NE71 July 20106


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  2. I loved the colours of your quilt and the delicate stitching of the birds on the branch. What a long wait at the end of the show for your work! I sat with all the bags of shopping while my friend Nickie waited to get her work. She said she got talking to you and I have pointed her in the direction of your blog. Like you I am totally spent out and about to start unpacking all my bits.

  3. Great photos & such cute guinea pigs!