17 August 2010

Heading south

Tomorrow I’m heading down to Festival Of Quilts.  Hopefully a straight run south with a right hand turn at the end about 5 hours later.  I’m back on Monday, I’m going to miss DS as I’ve got so used to him being around and chatting to me.

Up here the heather is stunning as is the Rosebay Willowherb.  Northumberland is turning purple-pink (with a splash of lime green – how perfect is that?)

Some pictures from Cragside on Saturday.

 cragside1  cragside3  willowherb2




  1. Janice Perkin3:30 pm

    the heather was amazing in derbyshire on Sunday - seems a bit early though! - thanks for the message - will text you to arrange a meet - i have the advantage as i know what you look like!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. safe trip xx

  3. A wonderful reminder of our visit to Cragside a few years ago - thank you1