12 January 2011

What not to have up the Chimney

I used this picture as my Blip entry today.
Its a wonder Santa managed to get down – there were THREE lots like this.
Soot everywhere and almost 3 hours of cleaning and now the washing of blankets and cushion covers still to do.
Oh for a modern version of instant heat….. I would give anything to have this changed. 
Yes I know…. coal fires are romantic etc. etc.….. no they’re not. 
I grew up with one and they are cold, dirty, take ages to heat up and real PAIN!
Sorry, normal service and humours resumed shortly.


  1. Helen,
    Did not know you are also a 'blipper' - so sorry about the chimney mess.

  2. Is that the work of jackdaws? (Tho' it's a bit early for nests) We had them once - I used to get up at 5 am to light a fire to keep them off the chimney after we dislodged the first nest, but they just kept on posting twigs down regardless. The triumph of hope over experience.
    We have a living flame gas fire now (due to where we are getting older and less enthusiastic about the work and mess of an open fire) and yes, Helen, it is so much easier just to turn the switch for instant heat.
    PS But what a beautiful fireplace!

  3. oy! such a mess...no happy dancing mary poppins in sight!

  4. Helen, you need one of these:
    It completely stopped our bird-nesting problems. The birds went next door instead and we could watch them dropping sticks down their chimney for hours on end until eventually they had built up sufficient mesh to start lining the nest.....