6 December 2010

Sunrise and Snow

Early morning sunrise at Haugh Head


Lunch time it started snowing so I packed faster than you can imagine and escaped south to Newcastle. 
This was the good stretch of the road to Alnwick.
Tomorrow is the dentist appointment and I am not missing it! 

So tonight I am snuggled into a very very comfortable Travelodge (Gosforth) which is new, clean, spacious and VERY warm.  Perfect.


Shame about the dentist tomorrow though!


  1. beautiful sunrise. hope all goes smoothly at the dentist.

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful photos, Helen! There were some similarly gorgeous nature effects driving back down to the Borders from Fife today but not a lot of time to admire it, due to slightly scary road conditions. What a sensible thought to stay overnight for the D.E.N.T.I.S.T. - hope it went well (or as well as these things can) and thanks also for the tip about Gosforth Travelodge!