18 December 2010

Does size matter?

I asked the boys to come back with a sensibly sized tree.

I should have known better…

How am I supposed to get into the cupboards? Reach the saucepans and casserole dishes?  Close the blinds?

If my tooth wasn’t hurting so much I guess it would be funny.





  1. Crumbs, Helen! I should tell them they have to do all the cooking until it's gone:)

  2. sorry Helen but I did smile, I think it's a good reason to say you can't cook in the kitchen so will have to eat out, sorry the tooth isn't any better, Frances

  3. Poor you, but what a fabulous tree! We get ours tomorrow.

  4. Definitely a Tree To Remember. Getting the tree from the Forestry was always the major male contribution to our Christmas preparations and I often had to smile with gritted teeth (sorry to mention the T word) when I saw it. We now have an artificial one, quite realistic, but not the same as a real denizen of the forest.

  5. perhaps you should have emphasized that 'reasonably sized' encompasses height *&* width. heh...;)

  6. I'd call it "Super Tree"! But agree that cooking will be difficult. Sorry that your tooth continues to give you pain. Will send some warm and healing thoughts your way.

  7. Super tree - I think they should do all the kitchen stuff and you should just put your feet up and watch - you won't have a problem with the tree then - they will LOL! :-)
    Can't have a real one here in West Aus - needle would fall off in the heat before you got it out of the tree lot!
    Have a fab Xmas
    Cheers Britt