21 December 2009

Happy Solstice

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Happy Solstice!  Lets celebrate the return of more sunlight each day. 

I'd intended to visit a carved rock today in honour of the Solstice....

Roughing Linn  Ric and Ian July 08-5 Roughing Linn  Ric and Ian July 08-13

Roughing Linn  Ric and Ian July 08-21


Snow - lovely snow.  I went out for a short walk. Beautiful.  The sun is just over the top of the studio.

house in snow 09 2  house in snow 09 

I walked along the lane to the main road - looking north and then south.

Dec snow 09 2 Dec snow 09 3

And boys will be boys... whatever age.

Dec snow 09 4

Dec snow 09 5 

But I think the beauty is in the detail.

Dec snow 09 1



  1. Janice Perkin5:39 pm

    we even have snow here in Warrington - almost unheard of!!! - loved those white pieces of your work - I bet they are even lovlier in the flesh - have a great Christmas and hope 2010 is better year healthwise for you and hopefully I will get up to you this year too -

  2. Oh, snow, glorious snow. You seem to be enjoying it as much as I am. All the shopping is done, we're almost snowed in but we don't need to go anywhere so it's okay!! Happy Solstice to you too, have a wonderful time!

  3. What gorgeous photos. We have a smattering of snow but the air is fresh and clear and it's very beautiful x