26 June 2009

Towers of Flowers Workshop

Today I set off for Stirling and I can't believe how warm it is going to be 24 degrees C.  Not only is Britain warm but I am heading 115 miles north into Scotland, past Edinburgh and up to Stirling University and its got to be 7-8 degrees warmer than here.

I have 19 students in my class - all of whom will be using a sewing machine - could be rather erm..... sticky.  I'm really looking forward to it as its been a while since I taught T of F and even longer since visiting Stirling Uni (I used to visit the Science Park in a past life incarnation).  There used to be a tapestry / needlework shop in the Bridge of Allan - I wonder if it's still there?

Towers of flowers

Towers of Flowers close1

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  1. Great name for a workshop and I love the way the flowers grow off the sides.