5 June 2009

Keep calm..............

I just had to blog this as I couldn't stop laughing. 

This is an old wartime moral boosting poster (which wasn't actually ever put into production in the 1940's - a proof was found in a box of books in a second hand shop in Alnwick).  We've been seeing it a lot with the present economic crisis.

Anyway here it is....


And looking through blogs tonight I saw this......  it tickled me :)

Great timing with the government crisis here in the UK tonight.

an alternative mug

Both from http://www.pedlars.co.uk


  1. I have that poster in my studio. I love it.

  2. petoskystone1:46 pm

    love it!!

  3. Janice Perkin10:49 am

    helen - you are a great Pugin fan like me - I seem to remeber ages back you bought the books of Pugin's designs - i have been looking at them on amazon - are they worth having? - by the way have you ever been to Pugin's church in Cheadle as I remember you are from St Helens when you came down last year - I taught in St helens at Rainhill and we live in Warrington

  4. LOL! Very funny, and alarmingly apt.