23 February 2015

Sketchbook Work - What Lies below?

 "What lies below" was the prompt from the Documented Life Project 2015.

I immediately thought of Hares - though I realise they don’t actually live in burrows (artistic license!) and I thought of the Cup & Ring marked rocks we find in Northumberland.
So many of which must still be UNDER the ground.

 So here is the spread, I cut through to a second painted page - its not as delicate as I would have liked, but then that’s the point of trying out new ideas, its an experiment, it doesn’t always have to work.  

But it’s a great starting point for refinement and further study.
What I did love was my sleeping hare….. I think you’ll be seeing him again.
Am having a hare thing at the mo…..

Week 5 What lies Below half 001

Week 5 What lies Below little hare copy

Week 5 What lies Below full


  1. I love this! Especially the gorgeous sleeping hare. And I think the bright colours work rather nicely :) xx

  2. Love the hare.
    Do you know the work of Illustrator/writer Jackie Morris?

  3. The sleeping hare really is gorgeous.

  4. The hare is such an old symbol. With so many myths attached to it. You have captured that feeling