17 February 2015

Beacon of Light

Taken directly from the class on Life Book 2015

Its been a LONG time since I sat down to draw.

When I love it so much.

(Note to Self - Get on with drawing more!) 

Week 1 Beacon of Light


  1. Yes, I know. The past week or so I have been drawing with the machine (not so good with a proper drawing tool). I love this. Why am I not doing more of it?
    Do you find you put off doing some things you love doing? Somehow it is about getting the other things out of the way so you can have more time. and then you never do get to it.

  2. I am drawing this week, too. My sister has set up a project for the week with a group of friends - a drawing a day which we put up on a Facebook group. It is working well. I am rediscovering all my tools but also realise I am much more a designer than an artist. The other participants do much 'artier' drawings than I do!