3 December 2014

Sketchbook Work; Bee Beautiful

 Here is the latest offering from the sketchbook.
There is not a lot of sewing happening in the studio as I’m spending a lot of my time 290 miles away - my mother is seriously ill and has been in hospital since November 5th.

When I am home I’ve been juggling paperwork, a new bathroom being fitted and this week the decorator …. not to mention my gorgeous son who needs mums attention and a husband I occasionally see in passing…. 

Week 37 close 1

Week 37 close 2

Week 37 close 3

Week 37 close 4


  1. I am sorry your mum is still very ill. Big Hugs.

  2. Helen, so sorry to hear about your Mum ... it must be such a worry being so far away.

    These are beautiful - I love the colours and texture....