3 August 2014

The grey train

Next stage is to make the long train.
Silky satin type fabric with a high sheen and VERY slippery!

I’ve decided to paint this using the same design as the bodice - but on a larger scale.
I’ve also kept to the colour scheme of silver and charcoal markal oil sticks. 

Starting from the centre base I slowly worked my way out to the sides, and then repeated this for a few rows.
Edwardian Dress 19

Edwardian Dress 21

Then I started working up the sides.

Edwardian Dress 23

Edwardian Dress 25

Edwardian Dress 27

Wedwardian dress 28

Once I’d finished I could breathe - because I don’t think I did for the whole session!  

It’s that sort of task that has to be done perfectly, no cover up’s allowed.
The fabric has been left to “set” and then will be ironed in three days time.

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  1. The girl done good! :-)
    Scary isn't it when you can't fail. :-)

  2. Love the silver grey on grey effect, like old pewter.
    Well done, though breathing is quite good for you too ;)

  3. wonderful, I can see why you didn't breathe.

  4. That's just stunning! I love the silvery and charcoal variegated effect and the design is gorgeous.

  5. This is stunning! The close colors, with the subtle movement from design to background...just wonderful and exquisitely executed. Your artistry is outstanding...and so glad to know you can at last take a deep breath! Kristin