14 August 2014

The Bunting

Another piece of work from the Wallington exhibition which is hanging in the wonderful conservatory.

Bit of a hike from the house, but well worth the effort.

A3 bunting


Bunting full

Bunting 2




  1. Beautiful Helen! I love the effect. Have to ask though.. what does wearled mean?

  2. Helen - I love the bunting! the pennants each so beautiful alone, and as a "story" hanging in the conservatory. The synchronicity of this blog post for me is that as I finish with the computer stuff I am heading to the studio to make a pennant bunting and new table linens for my deck - a family dinner with traveling relatives will be here next month and I am making the pieces to go with what is blooming and growing in the yard in September a big smile of appreciation for seeing this post pushes me to get in there and make my pieces! No hike would be too much to see this lovely piece of textile work and all the wonderful growing things in the conservatory, for me.