3 October 2012

Archaeology Results!

In all the excitement about Inspired by India I forgot to tell you about the course results.

Do you remember I was studying Archaeological Theory as a bridging module towards acceptance on the MA?  Well I found it really hard going at first, so many new concepts and ideas and –isms! 
Totally alien to someone who has never before studied social theory / philosophy / a humanities based subject.
The whole summer seemed to pass in a blur of exhibition work, birthdays, visitors and highlighter pens.

Well, I passed!  With distinction.

Now I could enrol on the MA straight away, except I can’t as I need to save some money first.  Not sure where I’m going to save it from though!
A problem to contemplate.

The University suggested I apply for a bursary which I intend to do and hopefully I’ll soon be a postgraduate student of Archaeology and Heritage.


  1. congratulations!

  2. oh well done you!
    I do understand the 'where to save from?' syndrom.

  3. Great result, Helen. Lots of congratulations.

  4. Yea! Congratulations:) Archeological Theory sounds fascinating! Gods bless the person who came up with highlighters, especially the narrow tip yellow ones.