10 February 2012

Lesson 4

Goals 4 final

Lesson 4 completed for the PS course

Today I learnt to;
Create an over-painted background
To warp text
To fill type with colour blocks

I had a great day actually – I started with the above and worked on it for an hour, then came back to it later, I read, I stitched, I painted and I even did 5 minutes of yoga.

If the sun were shinning it would be a perfect day.  (Its very VERY cold, very damp, misty and generally yuck today, though, unlike the rest of England, NO snow.  The Land Rover is doing its job very well!)

1 comment:

  1. Helen,
    Like this. You know it could have made a cover for one of jean Auell's books! I enjoyed the simplicity of this lesson didn't you?