6 February 2012

Fashion & Embroidery Show

Here’s a sneak preview of the work so far towards the Fashion & Embroidery show at the NEC 22-25th March.

 Photo 03-02-2012 17 25 56

The “Coast” dress in progress – based upon studies of Bamburgh beach, before construction, embroidery and embellishment.

And “new” sofa in the background,
I went looking for lace in an antiques shop and came out with a sofa.
As you do.

Photo 03-02-2012 17 22 34

Sleeves in detail before embroidery – layers of silks and lace.

Photo 03-02-2012 13 27 39

The untitled as yet “purple” dress (well, top part of).
Hand dyed silks and lace.

The question of the week is this;
”Can I repeat that wonderful dyeing?”
It reminds me of slices through mineral coloured rocks.

Hint of the black Gothic dress and jacket in the background.


  1. beautiful nature inspired dresses!

  2. I'm sure I would have been unable to resist that sofa too!
    Beautiful work, Helen. Simply delicious.

  3. really looking forward to seeing these in at Fashion & Embroidery

  4. Anonymous3:12 pm

    I am just wondering how to achieved this dyed effect and which kind of dyes do you use?

  5. jade milne3:15 pm

    I am just wondering which dyeing technique you have used here?

  6. I am wondering which dyeing technique you have used here? it looks lovely!