28 November 2010


Its a dull and cold day.
More snow overnight – its now up to my knees so I dug out the paths again….
…. to the car, studio, bins, compost heap, bunny (he’s fine the Eglu is inside an Igloo!)
Not looking forward to having to dig out the lane again.

The boys are having a lazy Sunday, I’ve been doing loads of dusting, washing and hoovering (trying to get rid of the smoke smell – its still lingering on) and trying to do “chores” in case the electricity fails again.

fresh snow

The studio is sinking even further… the snow that fell last night was “sticky” snow
and there’s another load waiting to fall off the roof

studio sinking

I did dig out the steps so I can open the door – but my arms and shoulders ached so much after digging I knew I wouldn't get much done so I came back to the warm house



  1. You must have that same deja vu feeling as we have. It seems like we are back where we started this year! At first it seemed the snow was going to miss us but we have caught up with you now!!

  2. Helen, I think you need a prch added to that studio don't you? grin

  3. just looked at all your lovely pictures of this week - sorry about the toothache - so glad to see the snow falling off the roof this time1 - keep warm

  4. You have posted some beautiful photos this week Helen. The snow looks gorgeous but I should think you've had enough by now. We've escaped so far in Cambs.

  5. I can't believe the amount of snow you have this year already. Thank goodness your studio is so much stronger. Your photos are beautiful.

  6. Snow looks lovely, but it does tend to interrupt normal life, doesn't it!

  7. I agree with D - a porch needs to be on the agenda for 2011, if not a covered walkway!!!