19 November 2010

A question…

Asked recently on an internet group;
>So what are you all creating for the Royal Wedding? <

My Answer;
Ear muffs and a eye patches...?

I wish them both all the best but its going to get tedious before too long.

Do you know I now have all my Christmas presents in order except a few for DS? I have just hit the “ORDER” button on Amazon.
I have the cards and wrapping paper too. 
I am in “smug mode” as Red Dwarf characters would say (do you remember?)
Its the only way I can deal with it all.

velvet hangings 027

Good job its under control and not an emergency situation or I’d have to change the light bulb.


  1. Good luck with Amazon, ordered Assassins Creed for Jake paid the extra for guaranteed delivery for today surprise, surprise NO GAME!!!!!
    Do you still have your quilting frame?

  2. only have 3 to go, & they're all local & decided upon. :) yeah, i can see the coverage getting tedious *quickly*.

  3. The emergency light bulb comment made me laugh out loud!

  4. Unusually for me, I am behind this year. I do prefer "smug feeling" though. Shall start in August next year!