9 July 2010

And the winner is…….

I put all the names into a bowl and DS put his little hand in and pulled out the winner……

(insert drum roll here)…..

Christine wins the fabulous 500 Art Quilts book!




  1. Christine12:43 pm

    So surprised and delighted to be the draw winner, a very rare occurrence in my life! I'm the one who (if I win anything at all) always gets the third-time-round-the-block gents' aftershave in the raffle.

    I'm fairly new to quilting, so this will be great inspiration - many thanks for your generosity, Helen!

  2. Well done Christine... I've just won a 'Fish & Chip Takeaway Kit' at the Queen Bees Quilt Show in Whitby... I think I might have preferred the aftershave...:)