7 April 2010

Xpandaprint and fish fingers


Never try to use Xpandaprint whilst cooking fish fingers and rice.

You might forget to expand before painting…..

Don’t ask me how I know.


  1. perhaps you're taking multi-tasking just that bit too far!

  2. Janice Perkin9:12 pm

    who ate the xpandaprint one?!

  3. Sounds sort of familiar! Nice to know I'm not alone. Wondered what was coming next when I saw the fish fingers!

  4. The mind boggles!!!
    Did you get away at Easter? We had a wonderful time in the Lakes lots and lots of muddy walks, a great time together before Bruce left ( he left at VERY STUPID o clock on Sunday night/Monday morning!!) we are almost at the end of the second day! Jake goes back to school on Monday not looking forward to the drive back on my own :-((