29 April 2010

London Calling

Well actually I’m now heading away from London – I’m on the train utilizing the free WiFi and hoping I can get this to post!

DS has two seats to himself and is stretched out and almost asleep.  Everyone else in the carriage is looking hot and stuffy in their suits, I’m just so glad that those suits and high heels aren’t part of my working life anymore. I’m enjoying sitting here in my linen trousers and tunic.  With trainers.  Maybe the trainers aren’t a wonderful fashion statement but they are SO comfortable.

Here are a few quick pictures (no photoshop tweaking as I’ve packed the mouse in the suitcase and I’m hopeless with this  touch pad thing…… I can’t select and drag at all, no matter how hard I try!

Here are a few taster pictures (excuse the blur on the dinosaurs  I’m sure they moved!!) more to come soon.

DSC_4940 DSC_4962 DSC_5000 DSC_5026 DSC_5080 DSC_5099


  1. Did you got to see the quilts 1700 - 2010? ( there is quite a bit about it on their website )

  2. It's so useful to be able to blog from the train!