28 May 2009

A walk alongside Derwentwater

On the last day of the holidays DH went for a 10 mile hike. 

DS and I went for a gentle stroll along Derwentwater. 

This is the classic view as you first arrive at the Lake side from the town.


Of all the places I've ever visited the view from Friars Crag to Borrowdale is still of my all time favourites.


Friars Crag is on the RHS here.


Looking the other way..............


My main memories of the holiday will be of this adorable son of mine..... collecting stones to skim...


Showing me the wonderful stones he found....


And skimming them on the lake.....


Hopefully they will be his treasured family holiday memories too.


  1. Your photo's bring back happy memories of my Honeymoon spent in the Lake District nine years ago. We are hoping to get back there next year all being well.

  2. petoskystone3:07 pm

    looks like one of the birds is coming to greet you! the view in the second photo is *wonderful* :) i have never had the talent to figure out how to skim rocks.............

  3. Hi, I've just come over here from stillraisingthenextgeneration.blogspot.com. I love the Lake District and your photos capture it beautifully. My DH has just got all of Wainwright's books, so I imagine we'll be up there again soon!

    Also love your Landscape Wall Art :)