4 December 2016

Then another frost

Jack Frost was doing his thing, lovely hairy frost.  
The type that glitters as you walk past.

Has meant lots of layering up, gloves and huggingly by the heaters in the studio.

2016 11 25 12 00 39

Sunlight through our beech trees.

2016 11 25 11 58 58

Frozen hips of Rosa Rugosa.

2016 11 25 11 59 20

Frozen candelabra in the border.

Has also resulted in a much needed tidy up.
When I got too cold I put loud 80’s anthems on and danced around.


  1. Fabulous photos and the colour is fantastic

  2. Textiles there just crying out to be made! Beautful pictures, well done.

  3. I agree with Dorothy. These need to be printed on fabric and stitched or even sold to other stitchers!
    And/or cards. The middle one is a definite Christmas card photo.

  4. Wonderful pics, Helen