25 September 2015

Grasmere on Thursday

Thursday morning we had a trip to Ambleside, mainly to visit the rock shop. And Costa for a good coffee. 

I came home with this beauty for my son - he collects rocks and fossils. 

I spent the afternoon getting my addled brain into designing mode.  It's mid-September now, just over ten months ago we learnt my poor mother had cancer and all thats involved with illnesses, death, my father moving, coming to terms with a sudden change in my life.  

It's honestly been grueling at times.  

I found myself thinking for everyone else and not me, I would forget the most obvious things, even mundane things. I still do but am determined to get my art back together.   But my brain had not been cooperating.  I was even more dippy than I usually am.   Until Thursday.  With nothing else to think about, no men, no washing, shopping or cooking....

I felt the need for a new costume. Do you agree?  My scribble sketchbook is just for me, my writing is dreadful as I scribble ideas down as fast as I can before they float away into the ether....certainly not a sketchbook that would ever be published.  Except here.  I thought you might be interested to see whats coming next. Think green velvet.........red roses.......loads of FME......

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