27 October 2014

Mixed Media Sketchbook work

I’ve managed to hurt my back, not through strenuous lifting, but by pulling up a zip on a boot.

The simple things in life sometimes throw a spanner in to the works!
So I have been resting, resting and resting as the back went from Stage 1 to Stage 2 and I am determined it won’t get to Stage 3 (i.e. can’t move). 

In the meantime I’ll bring you up to date with some mixed media sketchbook work I completed over the summer.

If you follow Facebook you might have seen these images, but not everyone is on Facebook so I’ll post them here too.  

Wk 23 full





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  1. yep, not on FB and hope I don't have to be. Now pinterest wants you to join FB to join them. oy. This image is gorgeous. The hint of a clock and script along with the saturated color is very striking. I deal with a back issue, hope yours is cleared up by now. A lot depends on how you stand, sit and bend.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color