20 May 2014

Another new Online Workshop

Today I’d like to introduce you to another Online Workshop - this time an Indian Paisley.

Yes, thats why I’ve been quite here, I’ve been stitching, photographing, writing up and website building.


This is a great workshop using weaving, printing, appliqué, FME, hand stitching and beading.




Finished close


Here are a few sample pages as examples.  
The workshops all come as downloadable PDF booklets and you can easily pay via Paypal (and you don’t need an account).


Screen Shot 2014 05 16 at 21 39 14 png

Screen Shot 2014 05 16 at 21 39 01 pngScreen Shot 2014 05 16 at 21 38 43 png



1 comment:

  1. Helen...This is a most wonderful piece...the woven ground is just right for the paisley design.. bravo