2 December 2013

Firstly create the background...

Morning!  I’m starting work on a project for an exhibition at Wallington House in August.

So first off is creating the background.
The space I have in the cafe gallery can accommodate one large piece or four smaller ones.
Initially I thought of making a large wall hanging.

But then my sensible brain kicked in and reminded me that four smaller pictures were more likely to sell to the general public.

As I want all the pieces to work as a theme the background is the same for them all.
Sari silk ribbon unfolded and ironed (ugh, what a boring “put the radio on and zen out” job!) 

DSC 0025

Woven together.


Then it all needs sewing into place.

DSC 0026

A piece of dyed tissuetex on top to "knock back” the contrast in colours and with?...

DSC 0028

…or without black chiffon layered on top too?

DSC 0029

I decided without - I loved the bright colours too much.

Over the weekend, between feeding two teenage boys, watching a football match and coping with a tired, jet lagged DH I managed to create four designs with inspiration taken from a dresser in the Hall.

Its all sketched out and transferred to bondaweb ready for appliqué today.
Feeling very positive about it.

For those who like online classes…. check this out .  Some great classes at reasonable prices.
Have signed myself up for surface pattern design and digitizing calligraphy classes for only £19 for the two.

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  1. The colours are so rich and warm - fantastic on a grey day like today. Looking forward to seeing the next stage. :o)