17 September 2013

Back to the studio / day 1

A report for my friends Dorothy and Sue :)
To prove that I DID make my way across the garden to the blue shed for the start of a new working year.

I started by sketching and dissecting some poppies, but soon realised that I have forgotten how to draw.
Something to work on! 

Studio 1

Whilst the water-colour paint was drying I pulled out all my old C&G notes and samples.
When the studio collapsed in 2009 they were all thrown into a box…. and now, at last, I've got around to sorting them out.

Samples in folders are pointless, so I've decided to take them out of the plastic and mount them onto thick khadhi paper. 

Studio 2

Still a long way to go, but by the end of the day I had a growing pile on the sofa.

Studio 3

As for sorting out the paper notes….. argh!  Nightmare time ahead.


  1. Never fear you have Dorothy and me to keep you on task ;-)

  2. Those samples are tantalising! I love going through boxes of thing I've not seen for ages - like rediscovering treasure.