2 December 2012

Another course

As the MA in Archaeology is on hold for now I’ve signed up for another Oxford University course “Islamic Art & Architecture”. 

Turkey Basin

Basin, Turkey, probably Iznik. 1545.
V&A Museum

So looking forward to the start in mid-January.

The areas you will cover in this course are:
• Introduction and a starting point.
• Muslim places of worship and devotion.
• Calligraphy and arts of the Qur’an.
• Painting and figural representation in Islam.
• Ceramics of the Muslim world.
• Muslim metalwork.
• Islamic ornament: Geometry, Arabesque and Calligraphy.
• Arts of the book: Painted and illuminated manuscripts.
• Gardens and Palaces.
• Funerary landscape: tombs, mausoleums, and gardens.

By the end of the course:
You will understand:
• the main characteristics of Islamic art and architecture and its regional and dynastic diversity
• the different interpretations of works of art
• the significance of context and patronage for the development of Islamic art and architecture
And you will be able to:
• identify, interpret, and evaluate a range of images and source materials
• use the relevant technical vocabulary in discussing the subject

Lots to do before January though!


  1. Why is the MA in Archeology on hold? Your next class sounds interesting, & very busy.

  2. Just up my street Helen. I chose Islamic art as one of my C&G subjects. All I need is more hours in the day and a much longer lifetime as well.