30 January 2012

Journal Quilts


For the Contemporary Quilt Guild GB challenge
(October – January, 10x10 inches, using buttons).

Top layer; “drip paper”, inks, acrylics, oil pastels, pen, fixative.

Base layer; hand dyed cotton fabric.

Stitched with silk threads and held together at the corners with buttons.

I really enjoyed making these and plan more in the future (but minus the buttons!)

December 2011January 2012November 2011October 2011


  1. Very dynamic pieces - I can't think why you'd want to leave out the buttons in future :-)

  2. They are looking wonderfully colourful, Helen. There's real oomph to them! Are you doing them again this year?

  3. These are wonderful Helen, so colourful. I like the buttons on them myslef.

  4. Lovely and bright, very appealing Helen. Look forward to seeing more.