3 December 2011

Evening at the garden

Visit to the evening opening at the Alnwick Garden, love these sparkling lights in the stone… can we get these for the patio?

Alnwick gardens 5

Below is my favourite photo of the evening, no tweaking in Photoshop required.  Its my Blip photo too.

Alnwick gardens 1Alnwick gardens 2Alnwick gardens 3Alnwick gardens 4

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  1. Anonymous9:40 am

    We visited the Alnwick Garden in August and it wasn't what I'd expected - parts I loved, others left me feeling a bit 'theme parked' - but I am a complete sucker for anything with twinkly lights, so this would have given me a real thrill. I'm sure if we lived nearer, I'd be there often - even if it was just to sip tea in the cafe. Thank you for showing it's other dimension.