8 September 2011


DS is back to school and its too quiet here, I miss his chatter and company.

The Open Studio was successful with 70 or so visitors and several sales.  It was SO busy I forgot to take any photographs! 

Thanks to everyone who offered a donation to the Air Ambulance - I have sent them £20. 
They really are life savers.

I am out of the habit of taking a photo-a-day, something I must start doing again (note to self when finished writing blog pick up camera).
Here are a few photos and there's a link at the bottom of the post to a slide show on my web site.

Please visit my web site for a slide show.  Click here.


  1. Well done indeed Helen. Now time for a rest and a re-charge of your batteries.

    Hope my Open Studios this weekend is as successful as yours. Cross your fingers for me.
    Best wishes

  2. so glad Open Stuios went well after last couple of years how did Summer School go?