9 March 2010


Look what DS just found – must be around 1995.

Helen 1996

I remember the dress – Monsoon, size 14, possibly a 12. 
Pure silk, wore it to a friends winter wedding with a long jacket and a 20’s style hat.

Notice the hair – long and no colouring.
Those were the days.


  1. Janice Perkin12:45 pm

    what a gorgous photo

  2. Gorgeous picture, Helen!

  3. You look just the same today, only with shorter hair.............. ;O)

    I remember that dress, I had one just like that colour and one in purple - quite a departure for me. (I might still have them, but now in the the place I store my 'yet to be cut up for quilts' clothes) Size back then; 12 - size now; comfortable!

  4. Kerryfelter7:19 pm

    What a gorgeous picture! You were born a 100 years too late. You look straight out of a Victorian profile. I had never seen a photo of you. Nice to travel down memory lane, even if the roads need a bit of work :)