16 February 2010

Bye Skittles

Whilst burying Skittles we found a rabbit skull.  Look at DS’s sad but intent face. 
We’ll make a biologist of him yet.


DS decided to put the skull on top of the stones.  We went to Ikea yesterday and came back with a fleece baby blanket for Star to snuggle up to in the pod.  He is sitting outside just now, looking all lonely.


Sunday we went to Cragside – the Lake is still frozen.  The coffee was wonderful (top marks to the National Trust for keeping soya milk).  It is still freezing here – It’s school holidays this week and it’s always cold, wet and muddy.  Not much fun for the kids.  (Or the parents).


The unit is now ready to use.  Notice boards are up with a schedule of things to do, I’ve put up paintings and hangings to make it colourful and feel like home.  But it is still cramped and its hard to get going again.

 16-10 16-11  16-13 16-14


I’ve been FME with the Pfaff, I do HATE having a plate over the feed dogs – you hit it with the hoop and it knocks you off course.  Why on earth can’t they just add the dropping mechanism?  Surely for a machine that costs £600 they could add it in?  And, my big moan – I couldn't get it stitching with gold metallic at all.

Can I stamp my foot and scream “I want my Bernina back!”? 
Actually, I think I did do this.


  1. I am glad you are up and running again! It's weird that your Pfaff doesn't allow you to drop the feed dogs. I've owned at least 5 Pfaff machines of various ages and they all can drop the feed dogs. That's a bummer.

  2. From one foot stamper to another as I threw my quilt across my studio today and send my Bernina 440 to be serviced. Finally!! The tension is so totally out that FME is now impossible! Fortunately my other Bernina decided that it had to behave itself!
    So sad about Star!

  3. Maggie Harris3:02 pm

    You have worked so hard to get to this level of organisation. Well done indeed. It is good to see you are working again. Wish you lived closer, would happily lend you my Bernina...... I didn't realise the Pfaff mega quilter did not drop the feed. Learn something new everyday. My ordinary Pfaff does fortunately.
    Enjoy half term.
    Best wishes

  4. Janice Perkin5:50 pm

    i think you need a guinea pig to Skittles company! - they are really good at talking to you as well! - the unit looks brilliant - keep well

  5. The unit looks as though you mean business so ease yourself in gently with some play. I hope you're having a good half term week.

  6. Fabulous studio. Well worth all the heartache and hard work! Glad its not just me that has trouble with metallic thread. I have fond memories of visiting Cragside a few years ago and yes, I remember the coffee being lovely too. Have fun with your new unit!
    Penny :)