8 January 2010

Slowly sinking…..

Firstly a HUGE thank you for all the lovely comments again. 
Its so good to feel the positive vibes and it is helping.

There is the possibility of some storage in Wooler – or maybe a container on the lawn.  The house is still chaos, utter chaos.

I feel as if we are slowly sinking into this snow.  Its a strange sensation as you look at familiar objects but they are much “lower” and shorter than normal.  The snow is now way over my knees on the lawn.

A four bar fence becomes 2 bars…


icicles icicles2


A reminder of the weight of snow.  We are now worried about the kitchen roof and DH has been up clearing some snow off.  Would you believe it is snowing again?


Looks as if the dresser is doing a good job of holding that roof up at the LH side (above and below).


If I walk across the lawn the snow is well over my knees.  Richard can’t get around.


A good note to end on – ASDA got to the end of the lane and we walked down to get the shopping so we have fresh food…..and look how beautiful it can be.





  1. I love the last 3 pictures of the snowy trees. It is hard to believe that snow could cause so much damage. I hope that you dont get too much more snow.

  2. It is beautiful but HEAVY! You poor dears, I am so sorry your studio has been wrecked. When you rebuild make the roof pitch steep....this snow could happen next year too so it would be worth the extra cost. Best Wishes . Try to keep smiling and be glad no body was injured. Hugs from NZ.

  3. OMG I'm just catching up on blog reading and I am so sorry to hear what has happened and at the same time glad that no one was hurt...

  4. Don't stand under those icicles! I haven't seen any that length since the 60's! It's true, with the sun shining the snow looks idyllic, your photos are beautiful. Hooray for Asda! Take care of yourselves and buy waders! ;o)

  5. Oh Helen......
    I've just been catching up with emails and blogs. I'm so sorry.
    Nature - beauty and the beast all rolled into one!
    I wish there were something I could do to help. Words seem useless.
    Good luck with everything.
    Best wishes and virtual hugs........Sue

  6. My heart goes out to you. I just read the appeal for help from the Artist's Network. Something so beautiful is wreaking havoc, but like you I can not stop photograping it! I wish you good luck and strength.

  7. It's quite shocking really that something so beautiful can have such an ugly side too!! Hopefully Asda came up with some wine too, you can definitely do with it!

  8. Oh Helen, I am so sorry to see the damage to your studio....after the flood, I thought for sure that was the end of the troubles.
    I am glad no one was inside when it caved in. KEEP WARM!!!

  9. Oh - what a horible thing to happen. I hope you;re starting to recover now. It must have been such a shock.
    Sending you my very best wishes.
    Sarah Jayne

  10. What a dreadful thing to happen to you. Nature can be so beautiful yet so destructive at the same time. The countryside looks lovely where you are, but I bet you would rather not have all that snow at the moment! Things can only get better! Good luck.