28 September 2009

Official diagnosis and some new babies

It's official - I did have Swine Flu and as a friend of mine said "its a swine to get over".  3.5 weeks later and I am still snuffling and exhausted, though my Dr thinks I'm not contagious anymore. 

So I know I was right to not open the Studio for the Art Trail.

Fascinating that these little viruses can make us feel so awful. 
(I used to work in a lab looking for viruses like this - I loved it, best job I ever had).


To cheer myself up I went shopping........ Let me introduce Isabel (left) and Emily (right).  They have been with us for a week now.

GPSept09 2

GPSept09 1

They are now 10 weeks old and Emily is renamed Emily Widdle. 
Because she does.
Almost every time you pick her up.


  1. Janice Perkin3:58 pm

    they are cute - are they in with the rabbits?- i think they are more fun than rabbits as they talk to you - glad you are feeling alittle better

  2. Oh Helen, what adorable critters! I'm sure my cats would have something other than talking and cuddling in mind if we adopted something like that into our family, though!